Everything, All At Once

by Nico & Lydia



One day, my good friend and fellow wordsmith Lydia Rose Turino and I sat on the strange mustard colored floral carpet that covers most of the floor in my room, and there was a conveniently placed guitar at hand. As things happen, one thing led to the next, and I was playing, she was singing. With no proper equipment quite yet, and only a keen desire to create with the tools we had, we recorded a measly, sweet, and somehow truly heartfelt cover of ‘Broadripple is Burning’ by Margot and the Nuclear So and So’s, on my iPhone. We uploaded it, and were quick to realize what a happy feeling it was to do such a thing, how addicting it had the potential to be, if an addiction could ever be positive. So we vowed to make more music, to come together again sometime and make. Needless to say, naïveté working in all it’s magic, eventually got us together again, and we started thinking about legitimately doing more, dabbling more in depth into our newly found productive and positive relationship as artists. We came up with the idea of replacing a course and it’s content, with instead focusing on learning and experimenting with producing, recording, writing, playing and covering music. In the weeks to come, post-epiphany, I acquired more equipment, both hardware and software alike, and took it upon myself to learn about it, as I would have regardless of any independent study. We set out to create something neither of us had actually done, it was terrifying and incredibly exciting and new and we acted like little kids about it for a long time. We set out to make an album. Soon after this idea flowed, so did the idea of making a zine *magazine* that could complement and accompany it, with lyrics, collages, art, pictures, comics, music suggestions, etc, etc, etc.

Seeing as both of us were really passionate and excited about our project, and even more so, that we would be doing it during school, we started off as soon as we could, and technically, didn’t once stop during the three weeks that were to come. Our goal was to produce a 12 song album, with a couple of covers of songs that inspired us included. This left room for 9 original songs that we had yet to even fathom. We both had dabbled in music differently, but were both fanatics. I, ever since being introduced by my cousin to the popular DAW (Digital Audio Workspace) software FL Studio in 2014, had been experimenting and making music with as much knowledge and as many resources as were available. Very rarely had I collaborated with anyone else in the process of making music, and much less to the extent that Lydia and I went through. It was an incredible learning experience for both of us, in indescribable ways.


released May 27, 2016

A huge thank you to everyone that helped make this possible! And thank you to Penelope Zinky for the album cover art!



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